Accusation #14: Objectionably Asserts Diet is Bad for Heart
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Atkins Ignores Proof that the Atkins Diet clogs arteries
Based on one analysis of your diet published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, long-term use of the Atkins Diet is expected to raise coronary heart disease risk by over 50%.[982] But before one even addresses the question of risk factors, as documented in The Proof is in the SPECT Scan, there was a study published in the peer-reviewed medical literature that actually measured what was happening to people's arteries on the Atkins Diet.[983] The results, posted online, validate that the Atkins Diet, according to the American Dietetic Association, is "a heart attack waiting to happen."[984]
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Atkins Facts:
> What the Experts Think of Atkins
> Faulty Science
> Short-Term Side Effects
> All Long-Term Studies on Atkins a Wash
> Long-Term Side Effects
> The Safer Alternative
> References 1-1160

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